Sewage Water Treatment and Effluent Treatment

The most effective way to treat the Sewage Water for utility is by enriched Bacteria digested in aerobic multi chambered and by treating with organic compound. Adopting the process of enriched microbes and organic compound, the zero level sludge is achieved. The microbes digests the organic load in the Sewage water in multi chambered digester and achieves the optimum level of acceptable quality parameter of water (ie) TDS 1200mg, BOD 20mg, COD -250mg, TSS-30mg.

About Us


 To serve the society in a useful way by adopting the Technology which gives a total remedy at affordable cost.


 Lifetime Associates Pvt Ltd, a company incorporated in the year 2000 with an aim to promote product, in caring for their health of the public and for their utility. The company started Manufacturing and selling insects screens as door over your window, as do it yourself kit. Subsequently we started manufacturing sodiumdiechloroisocyanurate, an organic chlorine donor which has greater advantages over the Existing inorganic chlorine donor such as chlorine gas, liquid chlorine, bleaching powder etc., since the product had vide range of application and utility we started reaching various channels and industries. Having established a considerable market for this product and supporting the water sanitization and General Sanitization during the natural calamity and when epidemic spreads. We have Diversified the scope of business in various water treatment, sewage treatment and industrial Effluent treatment to conserve water and minimize the discharge of waste water to the natural resources, like river, lake, barren land etc., The untreated and improperly treated waste water pollutes the earth and water resources causing enumerable health hazards to the common public. At present the Government Authorities, institutions, industries and condominium etc., are not in a position to effectively treat their waste water for reutilizing it.We have developed a solution by designing the treatment plant and undertaking operation and maintenance of the plant. We digest the organic load in the water by identifying the suitable microbes to digest the waste and we treat the water finally by an organic compound developed by our Associates, this will make the water reusable (Grey Water). The BOD, COD, TDS, TSS and Turbidity etc., controlled and the quality of water is suitable for loading into flash tanks, Gardening, Corridor washing, Rain water harvesting and to let out in the river, lake etc.,The Board of Directors is very happy to state that they are into the treatment of waste water and make it to reuse the same without polluting or contaminating the natural resources.